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TASA membership is fast becoming a valuable asset for the participating Tool, Die or Mould Making company (the TDM). TASA's active participation in the mobilisation of the NTI and in the 5 NTI programs have already reaped dividends for its members.

Membership is not only for the TDM but also for any entity associated with the TDM industry and also for the individual. For a mere R2500 (Excl. Vat) per annum a TDM, associate or individual can now contribute toward its/his own future well being.

The recent formation of the WCTI (Western Cape Tooling Initiative), a section 21 company, with a full time CEO, funded by the Western Cape Department of Economic Development, has already made a difference to operational conditions for Western Cape TDM's. WCTI efforts are currently focused on funding the upgrade and recapitalisation of existing Tool, Die and Mould Making Companies as well as fast tracking skills development at the different tertiary levels. Other programs, aligned with the NTI objectives, are soon to be launched.

Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Limpopo is in the process of establishing its structures, similar to the WCTI. TASA members in these regions will benefit directly from the NTI aligned and government funded programs.

Through TASA intervention in KZN and Gauteng a number of tool rooms have had the opportunity to benefit from manufacturing tools in a cluster model. Clustering is an operational concept that will be further developed within the NTI framework to enhance capacity and competitiveness. Lessons learnt and strategies developed are available to all TASA members.

TASA's efforts to fast track Skills Development have also reaped dividends. A number of learnerships have been established in co-operation with Merseta. A renewed interest in the training of skills in the TDM skills value chain, including tool makers, have been established with a number of tertiary institutions in all regions. Although these interventions do not have immediate benefit for TDMs it is strategic and critical for medium and long term growth of the industry.

This Web portal has specifically been developed to benefit and promote TASA members. An important element for TASA members benefiting optimally from NTI activities is effective communication. This web portal is the members' communication hub. Access to the service directory and discussion forum is for members only. Members will also receive the NTI/TASA newsletter, bringing the member frequently up to date with all developments.

TASA membership is not only non-negotiable but also a very smart move for the TDM, associate or individual who are serious about being successful in the TDM industry. Membership is extremely affordable at less than R210 per month. All you have to do is to download the registration form on this page, complete and send back to the TASA office.

Download the general fees and information document here.